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24 Feb 2023 - 26 Feb 2023 EMERGENCE - PIDC Dissemination One - Nowhere Anywhere Portal Passage Category: Show/Exhibit Venue: errant artSpace, Alston Street, Victoria, BC, Canada Reception: 24 Feb 2023
"Nowhere Anywhere Portal Passage" is a collaborative multimedia exploration into the meanings, and experience of emergence. The work couples literal and metaphorical interpretations of the theme with the technologically emergent via an open ended Mixed Reality installation. Disparate individual approaches and contributions of the four artists have collectively formed the progressive and accumulative actions that embody the process of emergence itself.
One Part of a three venue collaborative project located at Xchanges Gallery, Arc • Hive Arc, and errant artSpace by:
Evan Locke, Valerie Salez, Nicole Mandryk and Lee Ingram