errant artSpace
Contemporary Art Works


errant artSpace has up to approximately 450 sq.ft. to exhibit.

Options for gallery space rental include:

  • 2-3 week period: Fri. 5-9 & Sat/Sun 1-5 at a rate of $450
  • pop-up weekend: Fri. 5-9 Sat/Sun 1-5 at a rate of $300
  • no additional commissions or fees
  • events/workshops $150 Sat or Sun


Submission Guidelines

To apply for a show, email, mail or drop off your proposal to the above address with the following in Word or PDF:

  • full name and contact info
  • CV
  • artist’s statement
  • website
  • your proposal for the show (one or two paragraphs)
  • J-pegs (10 to 12) of your work that you would like to show: Art must be original; no commercially or computer generated copies of your work please.
  • a self-addressed and stamped envelope if you want material returned (eg. photos)


We will contact you within one month to let you know if our curatorial committee feels your work is a match for our gallery, with:

  • dates of availability
  • terms and policies
  • details of gallery space


Responsibilities of errant artSpace for an Artist's Show

  • provide ladders and the usual hand tools for hanging the show
  • send out invitations to our gallery email list and our local media contacts
  • assist with the opening party if desired
  • strike the show with the artist within a day of the show closing


Responsibilities of the Artist

  • leave a 50% deposit of rental cost at time of rental agreement
  • provide remainder of rent a week prior to artist's show
  • provide a curator or artist to hang the show with our curatorial assistance
  • advertise using artist's own contact list as well as invitations and announcements
  • artist to sit show


We reserve the right of approval for the final hanging of artwork.


Thank you for considering errant artSpace to show your artwork. Please come and visit, and join the email list for our openings